Take a Mulligan

For those of you who have never heard of a mulligan before, it is a term most associated with golf.  It is a “do-over,” a second try after your first shot has not gone very well. I would venture to say that every amateur golfer has taken a few mulligans in their lifetime, and there is nothing to be ashamed about in doing so. 

As a matter of fact, I would also say that we need to take some mulligans in every aspect of our life, not just on the golf course.

  • When we blurt out something that hurts another, take a mulligan.
  • When we do not listen when someone is trying to share something important, take a mulligan.
  • When we hurt someone with our actions, take a mulligan. 
  • When we ignore others because we are self-absorbed, take a mulligan.
  • When we forget to acknowledge a birthday or other celebration, take a mulligan. 

We are usually very hard on ourselves and have a hard time forgiving ourselves.  As a matter of fact, we probably forgive other people much easier than we forgive ourselves.  Many of us are carrying around feelings of guilt over things that happened many years ago.  It is time to let go of it.  Treat yourself as you treat others and forgive, take a mulligan.

Always keep in mind that if God didn’t want a man to have mulligans, golf balls wouldn’t come three to a sleeve.

Dan Jenkins

Make a decision to love yourself and forgive your mistakes.  You do not have to let the past destroy your present or future.  Learn from your mistakes and work toward not repeating them.  The past can help explain our present many times but it should not determine our future.  We are free to let go and move forward in the life we desire.  

Forgiving yourself requires you to have empathy, compassion, kindness, and understanding.  Do not beat yourself up over your past mistakes.  You should focus on the emotions you are feeling.  Pay attention to the thoughts in your mind and your inner voice.  It is critical to sometimes put these thoughts out of our mind in order to be able to forgive ourselves.  Journaling is a good way to let go of these negative feelings.  Write a letter to yourself asking for forgiveness. 

Sometimes you may also need to apologize to the person you have hurt.  It is a good way to get it off your mind and forgive yourself at the same time.  Be patient with yourself through this whole process.  

Forgiveness in love in action.  It is time to love yourself and forgive your past wrongdoings.  You have permission to take a mulligan.  

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