I am sure when some people read the title of this blog, they will think it’s going to be about auto mechanics, but they will be wrong.  While it is important to make sure the tires on your car are in alignment, I want to discuss your life being in alignment.  

Being in alignment means that all aspects of your self are in balance and functioning well. We are spiritual, emotional, intellectual and physical beings.  When all these areas of ourselves are operating at their highest good, we are in alignment.  

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With the right alignment, everything you want makes its way into your experience. You are the keeper of your own gate.     

Esther Hicks

How can you tell if you are in alignment:

  • You experience high levels of joy
  • You express yourself using your creativity
  • You have a high level of self-discipline
  • There is little turmoil or chaos in your life
  • You have low stress levels
  • You feel peaceful

During this time of pandemic and quarantine and listening to the constant increase in numbers of Covid-19 in the news, it is very difficult to keep ourselves in alignment.  While it may be difficult right now, I believe it is important to work toward this goal.

When we’re in alignment, things are easy. We can accomplish a lot in a little amount of time.  to do this we need to be connected to our true selves.  We need to be living a purposeful life and not just letting each day pass by as if we are in a fog.

What can we do to be in alignment?

  1. Determine what your best life would look like.  How would it be different than the life you are living right now?
  2. Pay attention to your inner thoughts.  Give yourself quiet time to hear what your heart is telling you.
  3. Look for external signs that tell you to change.  Trust your gut instincts on what is good for you and go for it.
  4. Change your thinking.  Don’t let your old ideas get in the way of your new way of thinking about your life’s purpose. Be brave!
  5. Create a support system for yourself.  Don’t go to the empty well.  Only confide in people who will support and encourage you.  

When you are in alignment with the desires of your heart, things have a way of working out.     

Iyanla Vanzant

Every one of us is somewhere on the continuum of alignment.  As long as we are aware of the need for alignment in our lives, we will continue to move forward in the right direction.  The journey is as important as the destination so pay attention along the way.  Watch as your dreams become a reality and your happiness increases.  It is possible, even in this difficult time, because it is an inside job.  

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