The Grinch of 2020

One of my favorite books and Christmas movies is How The Grinch Stole Christmas! by Dr. Seuss.  I have so many memories of reading this story to my children as they were growing up and discussing the true meaning of Christmas.  

I am sure you know the story.

A town called Who-ville and its citizen called “Whos” are true Christmas-lovers.  They are going about their annual holiday preparations. They don’t know it but up in the caves north of their town, on Mt. Crumpit, lives a character named the Grinch who absolutely hates Christmas. 

The Grinch has had enough of this Christmas business and he sets about trying to stop it from happening. He sneaks into all of the Whos’ homes and steals their Christmas decorations, meals, and gifts. He then takes his booty up to Mt. Crumpit and prepares to throw it off the side of the mountain, convinced that he will prevent Christmas from coming.

At the last minute, though, the Grinch hears a sound coming from Who-ville – the sound of all the Whos joining together in song despite the fact that their homes have been ransacked and their gifts are all gone. Finally, the Grinch becomes filled with Christmas spirit and decides to bring back all the things that he stole. He arrives in time to join in on the Christmas festivities. He even gets to carve the Roast Beast!

The final lines of the book state that  the Grinch couldn’t stop Christmas from coming.  The message being that Christmas is not bought in a store.  

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In my opinion, Covid-19 is the Grinch of 2020.  

  • Christmas will come tomorrow, even with many of us in quarantine.  
  • Christmas will come tomorrow, even though many of us are unemployed and cannot buy gifts.
  • Christmas will come tomorrow, even though many of have Covid-19.
  • Christmas will come tomorrow, even though many of us have lost loved ones to this virus.
  • Christmas will come tomorrow, even though many of us are separated from our loved ones.  

Christmas is the celebration in the Christian faith of the birth of Jesus Christ and we will celebrate tomorrow, even if this Christmas is very different from the ones of our past.  

I am the 8th out of 10 children so Christmas for my whole life has always been a huge celebration involving a lot of people.  When I married and had 3 children, Christmas continued to be a day when the majority of the family would make the best effort to come “home” for Christmas.  This year it will be my husband and me celebrating alone.

Needless to say, this year has not felt like Christmas.  I have had moments of sadness and depression thinking that I will not have a Christmas this year.  The truth is, Christmas is coming tomorrow, even though I am not with many of my loved ones.  

The celebration for me this year is that I have these people in my life in the first place.  We are not able to celebrate on December 25, 2020, but we will be together again and we will celebrate when it is safe.  I wonder who will get to carve the Roast Beast?

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