Grateful For Gratitude This Holiday Season (Part 3)

Even if we consistently practice showing gratitude, there will be times that we are in difficult situations.  There are two options to consider whenever life throws us off course: We can ask, “Why is this happening to me?” or we can ask, “How do I use this experience to help me grow and to start fresh?”

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Deciding which perspective to adopt will have a huge impact on how well and how quickly we bounce back.

Learning to roll with change will lead to a happier and more fulfilling life. That doesn’t mean ignoring feelings of sadness, anger, frustration or stress. These are normal responses to major life changes. But once you have acknowledged those feelings, it is important to move forward and focus your energy on what’s possible.

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The following are some simple, solid steps you can take to turn unexpected transitions into positive outcomes:

  • Reflect and refocus: Take stock of your personal assets and express gratitude, such as, “I can deal with this. I still have my ability to think, my special talents, my skills, and my aspirations. I’m grateful for relationships and for my family.”
  • Ask yourself some important questions: “How do I want to feel six months from now? What will it take to get there? What does my ideal week look like? What could I do to realize that? Who could help with that?”
  • Choose: Decide what you want as the next chapter of your life. Simply choosing doesn’t guarantee you’ll get it, but the power of your intentions makes a huge difference.
  • Take action: Start by visualizing how you want to feel or where you want to be six months from now. Work back from this goal until you find something small enough that you can do today, tomorrow, or next week.

Remember, every baby step we take toward feeling gratitude and keeping positivity in our minds will help create big overall changes in our lives.  Keep your energy positive and expect great things.  Don’t be too surprised when they happen for you.

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