Goodbye 2020

Every New Year’s Eve has us looking back to the past 12 months and reminiscing the events that affected our lives during that time.  As this year 2020 finally comes to an end, we are all collectively looking back to the catastrophic events that happened and most of us are happy to say goodbye to 2020.

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Before we do that, however, I suggest we take some time to learn the lessons of 2020.  Think about the ways the events of this year have affected your personal life and circumstances and ways in which you have grown during this time. This year, above all others, has had such an incredible influence on our society as a whole and us each individually also.  There has been so much loss and sadness, that many of our lives have changed in ways we never thought possible. 

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Take time and journal about the affect 2020 has had on your life. 

  • What was difficult about 2020?
  • What did 2020 teach you?
  • What did that trigger from your past?
  • What did you learn from these difficulties?
  • What has been beautiful about 2020?
  • What relationships have changed for you over 2020, and how have they changed?
  • What has been your most remarkable moment of the year?
  • What were your highest highs and what were your lowest lows of 2020?
  • When you think back on 2020, what feeling comes up for you?
  • What are you leaving behind in 2020?
  • What was the biggest lesson you learned in 2020?
  • Have you changed any significant way during 2020?
  • What did this teach you about yourself?
  • What about 2020 are you grateful for?

Take this time and rejoice in the growth you have undergone this year.  Even recognize that this growth could not have happened under any other circumstances.  Spend some time recognizing the sadnesses but also in gratitude for the opportunity 2020 has brought you.

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