Everything Will Be Okay

The events in Washington, D.C. yesterday have us all feeling shaken and unsure. In our wildest imagination, we never would have thought such violence and outrageous behavior was possible in our capital.  We wonder if our democracy will ever be the same.  We wonder if we will be okay.

I gave myself permission to feel and experience all of my emotions. In order to do that, I had to stop being afraid to feel. In order to do that, I taught myself to believe that no matter what I felt or what happened when I felt it, I would be okay.

Iyanla Vanzant
Photo by Artem Podrez on Pexels.com

Just a few nights ago, I watched the movie, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. A line from that movie that stays with me is, “Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.”  Possibly not surprising, this is originally a quote from John Lennon.  This statement can be applied to today’s situation.  It is hard to believe that things will be okay, but I truly believe it will.

It is okay to NOT feel okay right now.  We all have had a traumatic experience and we need to respect our feelings regarding this event.  We may feel powerless, angry, or even sad in reaction to these occurrences and that is okay.  

This is a crucial time to make sure we are taking care of our emotional, psychological, and physical needs.  Our soul needs to be healed.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Pexels.com

Some ideas for self-care:

  • Don’t deny your negative feelings:  Identify them for what they are, feel the feeling, and move on.  
  • Keep to your routines:  Whether daily, weekly, or monthly, these rituals can keep your steady to provide stability in your life.
  • Go out into nature:  Breathing in fresh air and letting the sun shine on our face is an excellent way to improve our mental state of mind.
  • Practice meditation or yoga:  Taking the time to be present with yourself and putting your mind in a positive light will help you to stay in today and avoid projecting into the future.
  • Take a break:  Give yourself time off from the hustle and bustle of your daily life.  When your life feels out of control, you need to spend time away from the stress.
  • Unplug:  Turn off the television, your phone, and tablet, and get away from the negative news for a while.
  • Be in contact with loved ones:  Remember you are not in this alone.  Seek guidance and support from your friends and family.  

I’ll lean on you and you lean on me and we’ll be okay.

Dave Matthews

Self-care should make your soul feel nourished and healed.  Don’t stop trying new things until you begin to feel better.  Being okay will take work but it is worth it.  Remember that nothing is permanent.  

Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.

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