Most of us think of prosperity as the type of success that comes from having a lot of money. The Middle English/old French root word, prosperus, simply means “doing well.”  The Latin word also means “fortunate,” and the word prosperity does have a certain element of good luck.

Some people connect prosperity to happiness, and the implication is that happiness is a function of income.  This may be true but only to a certain point.  It is true that accruing more money does not necessarily bring more happiness. 

Whenever I am tempted to wish for more prosperity, I remember that I can control my prosperity by controlling my thinking.  I focus my thinking on the many blessings I already have in my life and take time to feel the gratitude for these blessings. 

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As much as we need a prosperous economy, we also need a prosperity of kindness and decency.

Caroline Kennedy

Some questions to consider: 

Is there an upper limit to happiness? 

While one can seemingly accrue almost endless wealth, why does it not continue to promote happiness? 

Is it that wealth above a certain level starts to become restricting as much as liberating?

Is it that there is a limit to the amount of happiness one can experience, at least of the sort of happiness that can be supported by wealth? 

Perhaps the answer here relates to how much independence and power (e.g., made possible by greater wealth) are beneficial to happiness.


What are some indicators of being prosperous?

  • Recognition
  • Knowledge
  • Happiness
  • Wealth

In my opinion, a truly prosperous person is one who has achieved personal empowerment. If you feel as if you have control over your life, you will achieve all the prosperity you need.

The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.

Alice Walker

Do you ever feel that you have no control over your life or work? Perhaps you feel overshadowed by your colleagues, or overwhelmed by the demands of your job. Is your time outside the workplace spent tending to other people’s needs at the expense of your own?

This sense of powerlessness can be extremely frustrating. But, no matter what personal challenges you face, you can always make choices that give you back control. Understanding this is the nature of self-empowerment which will lead to prosperity.

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Know yourself, your attributes and your areas for growth.  Identify your goals for your life, things you would like to achieve – financially and personally.  List the steps you need to take to achieve these goals.  

There are many roads to prosperity, but one must be taken. Inaction leads nowhere.

Robert Zoellick

Claim your power to achieve prosperity.  Know that you are in control of your own life. This will enable you to make positive decisions, and to take action that will bring you closer to achieving your goals and ambitions.

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