Intention Is More Important Than Action

Many of us set goals for our career, our health and our personal lives.  It is important to break down our goals into the steps we need to take to achieve these goals. While this is an important practice to achieve success, it may be more important to set daily intentions. 

As long as your intentions are solid and about growth and progression and being productive and not being idle, then you’re doing good in my book.

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Intentions are different than goals: They are about who you want to be, what you wish to contribute to the world, and how you choose to touch the lives of others. By putting your emphasis on intentions, you will make choices each day which will help you to grow. 

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Setting and working on your daily intentions allows you to focus on the present moment.  It stresses the importance of focusing on your values and where you are in today.  It allows you to go easy on yourself and take things one step at a time.

When we focus on our intentions, we are setting up a guide on how we want to live each day.  Intentions give purpose to our actions each day.  The intentions will remind us of what is important to us provide us with inspiration and motivation to achieve the purpose of our lives.

Voicing your intentions will help take your mind off of your problems and perceived limitations. Rather, it will place your focus on something that will have a positive impact on your life. For example, plainly stating how you intend to feel today instead of wishing that you felt better puts the power of change in your own hands. 

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I begin each day with prayer and meditation. Throughout the day, I use affirmations and positive intentions to move through blocks, and each evening, I close the day with self-reflection and an inventory of my growth throughout the day.

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Ways to set your intention each day:

  1. Develop a positive mantra for your morning
  2. Share your intentions with another person
  3. Create a ritual for setting your intentions each day
  4. Meditate on the purpose of your life
  5. Journal on what you need to set your daily intentions 
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Setting an intention is more than just thinking about a goal. While it may seem simple, consistently reminding yourself of what you want will actually help you attain your objectives. Focusing on intentions, will allow you to go easy on yourself.  Take it one day at a time. 

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