Subtracting Leads to Adding

In our consumer-driven world, we are flooded with enticing advertisements that promise us happiness, power, and a better life if we buy these products.  Success in this consumer world means financial wealth rather than good character or playing the hand we are dealt. The phrase quality of life often refers to material wealth, not toContinue reading “Subtracting Leads to Adding”

Why is More Important Than What

Many times why I say or do something is more important than what I say or do.  For example, if  I choose to let someone know that their words bothered me, I need to think of the reason why I am going to communicate this need. Communication works for those who work at it.   JohnContinue reading “Why is More Important Than What”

Love One Another

There are people throughout history who have lived their lives selflessly.  Their actions are not for their own self-interests, but rather for the good of the world.  Some examples of these kind of people are Nelson Mandela, John Lewis, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Rosa Parks, Gandhi, and Mother Teresa. While these people are exemplars of whatContinue reading “Love One Another”

Say What You Mean And Mean What You Say

When you hear this statement, it sounds like you are saying the same thing twice, but you are not.  In raising my children, this was my personal mantra that I followed so my boys always knew they could count on my words being the truth.  If I said it, they knew I meant it, andContinue reading “Say What You Mean And Mean What You Say”