How Are You Feeling?

How many times during the day is this question asked?  We pass someone in the hall at work and ask, “How are you doing?”  Are we really looking for the full answer or just a, “Good, and you?”  I think we would be shocked if our co-worker’s response was an in-depth lengthy answer to thisContinue reading “How Are You Feeling?”

Silence is Golden

Stop. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Shut out the world around you. Taking time to be engulfed in quietness is all too rare in today’s world. It is by practicing silence, that we can find out who we really are.  Constant noise is a companion to modern life, with television, car radios, cellContinue reading “Silence is Golden”

Say What You Mean And Mean What You Say

When you hear this statement, it sounds like you are saying the same thing twice, but you are not.  In raising my children, this was my personal mantra that I followed so my boys always knew they could count on my words being the truth.  If I said it, they knew I meant it, andContinue reading “Say What You Mean And Mean What You Say”

Persistence – The Virtue of Never Giving Up

When you are the parent of a toddler, you may not be in agreement that persistence is a good quality.  You can easily bring to mind the times that you have said, “No” to something and that two-year-old kept asking again and again in the hopes that your answer would change.  “Boy is he persistent,”Continue reading “Persistence – The Virtue of Never Giving Up”