Inspire Others

Many of us have people in our lives who have inspired us to be the best we could be.  Many times we emulate their good qualities in order to attain the success, peace, and happiness we witness in them.  If we are lucky enough, we will become that inspiration for others to follow. The mostContinue reading “Inspire Others”

Benefits of Creativity

When most people think of creativity, they think of artists and musicians.  There are, however, so many more ways we can be creative in our lives.  Including creativity in our every day has been proven to increase positive emotions, lessen depressive symptoms, reduce stress, decrease anxiety, and even improve immune system functioning. Vulnerability is theContinue reading “Benefits of Creativity”

First Things First

The saying “First Things First” has been used by many people in many ways.  The general meaning of it is to prioritize what you need to do, putting the most important thing at the top of the list and working your way down to the least important.  Sometimes this list is only two items long. Continue reading “First Things First”