Detach With Love

Detaching with love is an idea that is introduced in codependency recovery groups.  It means caring enough about others to allow them to learn from their mistakes. It also means being responsible for our own welfare and making decisions without ulterior motives or the desire to control others. During this time of pandemic/quarantine, I haveContinue reading “Detach With Love”

Expressions of Love

Every human being needs to feel loved.  It is a basic human need that gives us the feeling of security and safety.  A person needs to feel love and belonging in order to grow.  I think the perfection of love is that it’s not perfect. Taylor Swift There are many different types of love: RomanticContinue reading “Expressions of Love”

How Are You Feeling?

How many times during the day is this question asked?  We pass someone in the hall at work and ask, “How are you doing?”  Are we really looking for the full answer or just a, “Good, and you?”  I think we would be shocked if our co-worker’s response was an in-depth lengthy answer to thisContinue reading “How Are You Feeling?”

Love One Another

There are people throughout history who have lived their lives selflessly.  Their actions are not for their own self-interests, but rather for the good of the world.  Some examples of these kind of people are Nelson Mandela, John Lewis, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Rosa Parks, Gandhi, and Mother Teresa. While these people are exemplars of whatContinue reading “Love One Another”


Compassion is to have sympathetic feelings or concerns for the situations or misfortunes of others.  It involves allowing ourselves to be moved by suffering and experiencing the motivation to help alleviate and prevent it. Features of compassion may include patience, kindness, perseverance, and resolve.   “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harderContinue reading “Compassion”

The Gift of Giving

This is not exactly the “Season of Giving” yet but I have been very inspired by the generosity I have seen lately.  These difficult times have brought out the best in some people and it has me thinking of the “giving” that occurs on both sides of a gift. Giving to others is really aContinue reading “The Gift of Giving”