New Year, New You

Once you have decided on a New Year’s resolution, it is your job to actually implement the change into your life. While this is the most challenging part of the process, there are some things you can do to help make your resolution a reality. “No matter how hard the past, you can always beginContinue reading “New Year, New You”

New Year’s Resolutions to Consider

The New Year brings an opportunity to take a fresh look at issues we’ve been wrestling with and a chance to tackle them again. Here are a few suggestions for some achievable goals for the new year: The No. 1 New Year’s resolution in any year is getting in shape: There is no real mysteryContinue reading “New Year’s Resolutions to Consider”

New Year Nutrition

If better nutrition is part of your New Year’s resolution, keep in mind that the way you eat can often be as important as what you eat. Eating should be natural, healthy and pleasurable. But in our diet-obsessed culture, eating is often mindless, consuming and guilt-inducing instead. The cure? Mindful eating. Mindful eating is aboutContinue reading “New Year Nutrition”

Emotional Eating

People are impacted by the news of the coronavirus differently, but we know emotions can be heightened and uncertain. Adding to this the fact that a large majority of people are remaining at home, constantly within steps of the refrigerator and pantry, and we have a recipe for emotional eating. Emotional eating becomes problematic whenContinue reading “Emotional Eating”

Self-Care Through The Winter

Are you worried about making it through the winter without gaining weight? With so much stress these days, overeating may be a significant issue for many of us.  Taking a sensible, balanced approach to food temptations is the best way to avoid weight gain throughout the season.  “Breathe. Let go. And remind yourself that thisContinue reading “Self-Care Through The Winter”

Avoiding The Winter Blues

Due to Covid-19, many of us may be more susceptible to the winter blues this year than ever. It would not be unusual if you feel a bit down now that the holidays have come and gone. Many people experience bouts of stress and winter depression that linger past the holiday season. The condition isContinue reading “Avoiding The Winter Blues”

Dealing With Sorrow and Mourning

As we watch the number of Covid-19 deaths increase daily, unfortunately many of us are dealing with the grief that comes along with losing a loved one.  We are also all managing the grief that is associated with not being with our family and friends as we would like.   This grief is especially difficultContinue reading “Dealing With Sorrow and Mourning”

The Blame Game

It sometimes seems that a natural human reaction when we feel criticized or we make a mistake is to blame someone or something else.  Our ego finds it hard to accept that the error is ours. On the other hand, are people who blame themselves for everything that happens, with no evidence that the responsibilityContinue reading “The Blame Game”

The Calming Effect of Water

I am lucky enough to live in Southwest Florida near the beach.  This morning instead of walking around my neighborhood (my usual routine) I decided to go down to the beach and walk there.  Despite the wind, it was absolutely beautiful, even if it was a chilly 66 degrees.  The thing that affected me theContinue reading “The Calming Effect of Water”


Vulnerability is defined as the quality or state of being exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed, either physically or emotionally.  Why would any of us choose to be vulnerable?  The truth is, it is by becoming vulnerable that we enter into the most intimate of relationships, the relationship with ourselves.  It isContinue reading “Vulnerability”