Feelings Aren’t Facts

Many times we make decisions for our lives based on our feelings.  For example, we decide we won’t go for the job promotion because we are feeling too afraid or intimidated.  We should remember that feelings aren’t facts.  We need to allow ourselves to feel the fear associated with putting ourselves out there, but atContinue reading “Feelings Aren’t Facts”

How Are You Feeling?

How many times during the day is this question asked?  We pass someone in the hall at work and ask, “How are you doing?”  Are we really looking for the full answer or just a, “Good, and you?”  I think we would be shocked if our co-worker’s response was an in-depth lengthy answer to thisContinue reading “How Are You Feeling?”

Why is More Important Than What

Many times why I say or do something is more important than what I say or do.  For example, if  I choose to let someone know that their words bothered me, I need to think of the reason why I am going to communicate this need. Communication works for those who work at it.   JohnContinue reading “Why is More Important Than What”

Importance of Calm

The ability to manage our emotions and remain calm under pressure is an extremely important quality.  It not only enhances your physical and mental health, it also helps the people around you to optimize their performance.  Calmness is a goal we should all strive to attain.  It will lessen the hold anxiety and worry haveContinue reading “Importance of Calm”