Healing Ourselves

To heal means to make healthy, whole, or sound; restore to health; free from ailment. True healing occurs in more than the physical body, it occurs in our whole selves – body, mind, and spirit. In addition to physical healing, there are many other ways we can become completely healthy. These include different types ofContinue reading “Healing Ourselves”

Just Breathe

For many of us, relaxation means zoning out in front of the TV at the end of a stressful day. But this does little to reduce the damaging effects of stress. To do this we need to get into a state of deep rest that changes the physical and emotional responses to stress. What isContinue reading “Just Breathe”


There is so much going on in the world around us that the state of our mind can become overwhelmed.  Know that peace of mind is only a matter of your deciding that you want it.  You deserve it, it’s good for you, and it takes less time than you think. Your mind will answerContinue reading “Relax”

Winter Hurdles

As it gets colder outside and the daylight hours become shorter, it gets harder to fight the urge to just stay inside, snuggled up by a fire, watching TV or reading a book. You will feel better and have more energy, however, if you stick to your fitness goals this winter. The colder months areContinue reading “Winter Hurdles”

New Year, New You

Once you have decided on a New Year’s resolution, it is your job to actually implement the change into your life. While this is the most challenging part of the process, there are some things you can do to help make your resolution a reality. “No matter how hard the past, you can always beginContinue reading “New Year, New You”

Grateful For Gratitude This Holiday Season (Part 1)

Given all that is going on this year, many of us may not have been looking forward to the holidays with the same excitement that the festive season usually generates. But with a little gratitude, and some positive thinking, we can still get the most out of this season while also improving our overall well-being.Continue reading “Grateful For Gratitude This Holiday Season (Part 1)”

First Things First

The saying “First Things First” has been used by many people in many ways.  The general meaning of it is to prioritize what you need to do, putting the most important thing at the top of the list and working your way down to the least important.  Sometimes this list is only two items long. Continue reading “First Things First”

Finding Our Purpose

Our purpose is what gives our life meaning.  How do we want to contribute to this world.  Purpose can be your job or career but for many, this is not where we find our purpose in life.  Some people find their purpose in spirituality, but it is deeper than that too.   “It’s not enoughContinue reading “Finding Our Purpose”

Protect Each Other

This idea of protecting each other used to be something we thought about only in our immediate relationships – family and friends. The importance of protecting strangers is an alien idea. Friends do everything they can to protect each other.  Madeleine L’Engle In the past, it was rare for there to be any expectation forContinue reading “Protect Each Other”

Social Media and Mental Health

While social media can benefit us in our lives by helping us connect to other people, it can also have some negative effects on our mental health.   Many times we tend to compare our life to that of someone we follow, and feel as if we fall short.  The important thing to remember isContinue reading “Social Media and Mental Health”