Trauma and Resilience

People experience all kinds of hardships throughout their life. They can be personal, such as illness, loss of a loved one, abuse, job loss, and financial vulnerability. Then, on another level are the events that happen to us as a society, such as Covid-19, terrorist attacks, mass shootings, wildfires, extreme weather, and racial injustices.  WeContinue reading “Trauma and Resilience”

Our Reactions to Storms

We are all faced with times where a storm is predicted for the area where we live.  It may be a blizzard, tornado, hurricane, or tropical storm.  When this happens, many times we feel fear and anxiety.  This causes strong emotions that we need to address. The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your bestContinue reading “Our Reactions to Storms”

A Stress Test

During this time of living through a contentious election and a pandemic, many of us are feeling overwhelmed and stressed.  This will have a negative affect on our bodies if we do not try and relieve the stress.   Stress is a feeling of emotional or physical tension. It can come from any event orContinue reading “A Stress Test”

Easy Does It

Each day we are all faced with challenging situations of one kind or another.  Some days are more difficult than others, but no matter what the situation, we should always try and take life easy.  In other words, you should try and quiet your mind and live in the present moment. “The first step towardsContinue reading “Easy Does It”

Patience is a Virtue

In the age we live, where there is instant-gratification for most things, the effect of having to wait for anything can cause us to become impatient.  Waiting a few seconds for a website to load, can cause us to get upset.  Being behind a slow driver, sends us into a rage.   “Patience is aContinue reading “Patience is a Virtue”

Embrace Yourself

Usually we say “Brace Yourself” when we are about to give bad news to someone.  In this time of pandemic and quarantine, you may need to “Embrace Yourself.”  Some benefits of embracing: Builds a sense of safety Strengthens our immune system Boosts self-esteem Builds trust Communicates love Embracing or hugging increases oxytocin and serotonin levelsContinue reading “Embrace Yourself”

Importance of Calm

The ability to manage our emotions and remain calm under pressure is an extremely important quality.  It not only enhances your physical and mental health, it also helps the people around you to optimize their performance.  Calmness is a goal we should all strive to attain.  It will lessen the hold anxiety and worry haveContinue reading “Importance of Calm”

Building Self-esteem

Our self-esteem is the opinion we have of ourselves and it may be the most influential aspect of our personality on our well-being.  Without having an appropriate view of ourselves, it is very difficult to be a healthy, well-adjusted human being. The many resources and books written on this topic is a good indication ofContinue reading “Building Self-esteem”

Multiple Intelligences

Being an educator, I have had the experience of being unable to reach some students and feeling their frustrations in the process.  It wasn’t until I presented the information in a totally different manner that the student would become successful.  Some students have difficulty explaining things in writing, but offer them the opportunity to useContinue reading “Multiple Intelligences”