Reaching Our Potential

If we were lucky growing up, we received encouragement and support from our family, teachers, or others to work toward striving for our greatest potential.  Even if we did not receive this support in our childhood, we have the ability to provide that for ourselves here and now. “Keep your thoughts positive because your thoughtsContinue reading “Reaching Our Potential”

Welcome 2021

Finally, 2020 is over and we are welcoming in 2021!  Let’s receive the new year with positivity and hope for the future.  Let go of whatever baggage you are carrying from 2020 and begin anew. Begin the year in a mindful meditation/journaling exercise where you state your intentions for this new year. Think of allContinue reading “Welcome 2021”

Grateful For Gratitude This Holiday Season (Part 3)

Even if we consistently practice showing gratitude, there will be times that we are in difficult situations.  There are two options to consider whenever life throws us off course: We can ask, “Why is this happening to me?” or we can ask, “How do I use this experience to help me grow and to startContinue reading “Grateful For Gratitude This Holiday Season (Part 3)”

Grateful For Gratitude This Holiday Season (Part 1)

Given all that is going on this year, many of us may not have been looking forward to the holidays with the same excitement that the festive season usually generates. But with a little gratitude, and some positive thinking, we can still get the most out of this season while also improving our overall well-being.Continue reading “Grateful For Gratitude This Holiday Season (Part 1)”

Focus on Others

We put on the news and we are inundated with negativity.  Stories of death and illness, unemployment and homelessness, anger and violence.  Scientists and doctors telling us how important it is for us to control this virus.  Knowing it is the right thing to do, it is still very difficult to heed their advice andContinue reading “Focus on Others”

Goals – In Life Not Hockey!

We have all heard about the importance of setting goals to be successful in life.  What most people don’t realize is that we don’t have the slightest idea on how to begin this process.  We may write down what we would like to achieve by a certain birthday, but never take any steps to makeContinue reading “Goals – In Life Not Hockey!”

Learned Helplessness

According to the dictionary, a condition in which a person suffers from a sense of powerlessness, arising from a traumatic event or persistent failure to succeed is called Learned Helplessness.  While struggling with the events of our lives, we may start to believe that bad things will continue to happen, no matter what we doContinue reading “Learned Helplessness”

Grit – I Don’t Mean Sand in Your Bathing Suit

The word grit has a few definitions, one being small particles of sand.  Another version is the item for breakfast that I learned about when visiting the south.  I wasn’t a fan at first until I had homemade grits – they were delicious! The grit I am thinking about today is the courage and resolveContinue reading “Grit – I Don’t Mean Sand in Your Bathing Suit”

Nuggets of Happiness and Love

I am a dreamer!  Even though I like to dream of the possibilities in my life, I am talking about waking up every morning remembering and being affected by my dreams. My husband says he often doesn’t dream, but I think the reality is that he doesn’t remember what he dreamed about.  The beautiful thingContinue reading “Nuggets of Happiness and Love”

When Life Gives You Lemons

Each of us knows that life is a series of ups and downs.  The only thing that we can always count on is change.  Just when things are smoothly moving along, usually something will happen to shake us up a little (or a lot). My father was a man of incredible integrity, dedication, and love. Continue reading “When Life Gives You Lemons”