Reminiscing is sharing our thoughts and feelings of our experiences to recall and reflect upon important events of our life. The ability to remember and think about these times helps older adults recall who they used to be in order to help them define their identity in the current moment. The stories of the pastContinue reading “Reminisce”

Avoiding The Winter Blues

Due to Covid-19, many of us may be more susceptible to the winter blues this year than ever. It would not be unusual if you feel a bit down now that the holidays have come and gone. Many people experience bouts of stress and winter depression that linger past the holiday season. The condition isContinue reading “Avoiding The Winter Blues”

Depression or Sadness?

We all go through times when we feel down or unhappy.  During this time of Covid-19, it is totally expected that we would be feeling particularly sorrowful, sad, or despondent.  These feelings will hopefully be temporary and we can expect to feel better.   Depression, however, means consistent, overwhelming feelings of sadness and hopelessness.  TheseContinue reading “Depression or Sadness?”

Creativity – Our Super-power For Mental Health

How do you help yourself when feelings of depression, loneliness, or sorrow occupy your mind? During this time of Covid-19, it is imperative that we address these thoughts to maintain our healthy lifestyle. For me, I have found that being creative has helped ward off these feelings.  I have used paint-by-number, adult coloring books, sewing,Continue reading “Creativity – Our Super-power For Mental Health”