Self-Care Through The Winter

Are you worried about making it through the winter without gaining weight? With so much stress these days, overeating may be a significant issue for many of us.  Taking a sensible, balanced approach to food temptations is the best way to avoid weight gain throughout the season. 

“Breathe. Let go. And remind yourself that this very moment is the only one you know you have for sure.”

Oprah Winfrey
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Here are some practical ways to use sensible moderation:

  • Eat slowly and mindfully. Enjoy every bite and resist the temptation to have a second helping.
  • Make healthy dishes. Think about adding a simple fruit salad or vegetables roasted in olive oil and seasonings to your meal planning.
  • Enjoy treats in moderation. Take tastes of foods. Have one cookie instead of five.
  • Do not eat what you do not like. Consuming food out of obligation adds to your total calorie intake.
  • When dining on turkey or chicken, choose a four-ounce portion (about the size of your fist) without the skin. This helps cut out some fat and cholesterol.
  • Pay attention to portions. It is possible to treat yourself, but choose smaller portions. Have tastes of items instead of filling up.
  • Limit high fat.  Avoid fried foods, cheesy vegetable dishes, processed meats, cream-based soups, pies and baked goods.
  • Know your triggers. If you can’t have “just one” don’t start sampling.
  • Drinks have calories, too. Limit alcohol. Over-indulging adds calories and can impair your judgment for the foods you choose to eat.
  • If you know your day will include extra calories, schedule some exercise to counteract them.
  • Drink a LOT of water.  It can fill you up and it is healthy for your body.
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In my opinion, the eating plan you choose needs to be something you can maintain throughout the rest of your life.  If you decide you are going to give up sugar or bread, is that something you are willing to give up forever?

“Be patient with yourself. Self-growth is tender; it’s holy ground. There’s no greater investment.”

Stephen Covey

I have been focusing on moderation and writing down what I eat in an app on my phone.  It has helped me to lose weight and maintain a healthy diet.  Monitoring my food is also teaching me what foods add unnecessary calories to my day.  

Figuring out what works best for you is worth the effort.  Being at a healthy weight will add quality years to your life and improve your mental health.  You are worth the effort, just take it one day at a time.  

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